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5 Steps To Marketing Your Book And Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

5 Steps To Marketing Your Book And Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

  • 20 August, 2020
  • shannon anderson

5 Steps To Marketing Your Book And Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

Hi and thank you so much for stopping by. I will be walking you through 5 ways to market your book that are probably considered the more untraditional way of marketing.  However, in this training, I will teach you how to not only market your book but also how to flip it into a brand. 

Hi, I’m Shannon Poshe Anderson,  best selling author, coach, publisher, and executive producer. I have used my story to not only share as a book, I have also created multiple streams of income, while showing others how they can too. So let’s get into it!



Blogging or vlogging are great ways to market a book. Selecting a topic that is valuable that your audience will enjoy is always a big plus!  The great thing about blogging or vlogging is that it builds a rapport and connection with your audience. Make sure that the topics that you select are relatable to your book. For instance, if your book is about fishing, don’t give tips about baking cupcakes. I know you wouldn’t do that. However, that is just an example. At the end of the post, make sure that you have a link that leads back to your book to purchase.

2.Virtual Or Live Event

Using the content of your book to create a virtual or live event is another great way to generate income. For instance, if you have a book about business then you could very easily create an event where you teach people the tips from your book at a Live or online event. Sale tickets to the event and train your audience on the tips that you lay out in your book.

  1. Consulting/Coaching

The same can be done for coaching and consulting. You can charge people an hourly or monthly rate to get coaching and or consulting services from you. Simply set up an account with AcuityScheduling or and you’re in business! Let your audience know that you now are offering consulting or coaching services and set your schedule!


You can take what you have written in your book and create a podcast. There are several platforms to choose from when starting a podcast. I personally use Spreaker. You can also use Anchor as well. Hit record and start! Do a search and see which platforms you like best. 

  1. Class

You can create a program for the content in your book. You can create workbooks and worksheets to allow your customers to follow along and provide a deeper learning experience.

5.Traditional Marketing

Here are a few traditional marketing options as well 

Book signings

Meet And Greets

Book Marks


Author Website


Social Media

Media Kit



Would you like more info on how to make more money with your books and expand your author brand? Then get my training, The Six Figure Author. 

Here I will uncover 21 ways to market and brand your book. You don’t want to miss out on all of the steps to making your author brand and book a success!  Click here to grab your copy.

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